PATIO & DECKING Surface Cleaner – 5 litre container

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  • When you’re looking for patio and decking cleaner, use the Opus Patio and Decking Cleaner. It’s made to effectively kill mould spores that can collect in your hard floorings when exposed to moisture or humidity. Cut through mould, algae and moss with powerful yet gentle cleaners in a 5-litre container. It also deep cleans without using potentially harmful chlorine bleach or caustic agents which can degrade many surfaces we care about – including wrought iron balconies, brick paving, cast aluminium balusters and plated steel screws. With this non-corrosive formula, you’ll enjoy worry-free cleaning even on delicate ferrous metals such as copper pipes that corrode over time.
  • This cleaner is Biodegradable, Caustic free, acid free and Chlorine free which means you can use it safely on childrens’ play areas without any worry of harmful substances being present for them to breathe in.


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This versatile cleaner safely removes dirt and grime from your walkways, floors, railing edges and patio furniture without leaving behind pungent odours or unsafe residue. Unlike other cleaners using harsh chemicals such as acid or chlorine (which would not only compromise the performance of your surface but also release toxic fumes), this specialist cleaner employs delicately balanced ingredients that are safe for children and pets after use once dry.

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PATIO & DECKING Surface Cleaner

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