PINE GEL FLOOR CLEANER – 4 x 5 litre pack

Product Code: PGEL4X5L

Opus PINE GEL FLOOR CLEANER concentrate – based on natural pine oils for effective floor cleaning.

PINE GEL FLOOR CLEANER is an effective, antiseptic cleaner for all types of floors. This concentrated gel is derived from the pine plant and contains natural plant-based cleaners that are coloured blue to let you know each floor has been safely cleaned with PINE GEL. The clean water will then rinse away any biological residues that may be left anywhere on your flooring – no matter what it’s made of, thanks to this cleaning product!

PINE GEL is also 100% biodegradable too, which means emptying out tanks after use won’t leave any nasty chemicals or residue in your environment. It can be used by certified operators at home without the need for protective equipment like gloves – making it safe


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PINE-GEL Floor Cleaner

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