PROTEAN Chain Spray – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • PROTEAN Chain Spray is the perfect solution to keep your chain and drive system operating smoothly. Go for 12 x 400 ml aerosols or see our other sizes below.
    With this product, F408 Chain Spray, you can expect it to be highly water resistant and ideal when used on food conveyor systems requiring frequent wash down. With an H1 registration (lubricant with incidental food contact – for use in and around food processing areas) that means you don’t need any risk assessment tankard certificates or assessments of conformity ISO 13485:2003 Annex A. Also, Non-toxic!
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PROTEAN Chain Spray is a dependable lubricant that was made with safety in mind. Created to offer superior protection against flinging, this spray will help to stem the flow of contaminants where food and packaging manufacturing predominantly takes place.

PROTEAN helps reduce operational costs because products will not become contaminated as easily during production, which means less downtime for maintenance.
With its NSF certification, you can be sure it’s safe for foods too making PROTEAN great not only for use on machinery but shelves and everything your facility might require.

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PROTEAN Chain Spray

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