PROTEAN Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • With one of the widest approvals for incidental food contact, F400 is designed to keep your chains and drive systems running smoothly without causing harm. With a non-toxic formula and water resistant properties, this solvent cleaner will remain effective even amid frequent cleaning cycles.
  • PROTEAN’s Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner provides an enhanced level of protection from wear with its advanced formula that gently cleans while penetrating deep into leather & rubber mechanisms.
  • Worry less about getting soaked when you use the PROTEAN Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner on your bike or motorbike thanks to its waterproof features – simply rinse after spraying!
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Formulated for all types of workshops, F400 can be used on floors, walls, equipment surfaces and hands. It is powerful enough to dissolve away dirt without leaving a buildup residue that will attract more dust. Like other cleaners on the market, F400 does not employ chlorinated agents which are risky with regards to air quality. Dust particles act as catalysts which increase their toxicity up to ten-fold when combined with common household cleaning products like bleach or ammonia.

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PROTEAN Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner

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