PROTEAN Silicone Release – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • PROTEAN Silicone Release is a non-staining, non-tainting lubricant proven to have the highest release properties of silicone based products. It is also proven that Protean releases even at temperatures up to 200 degrees C.
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PROTEAN Silicone Release is a unique food and beverage quality lubricant and release agent. With its NSF: H1 registered lubricating ingredient, PROTEAN F418 silicone based spray was designed to protect and lubricate a wide range of parts and equipment where traditional oils are not suitable. These include injection moulded parts such as nuts & bolts, guides, bushings bearings etc., as well as deep-drawn precision products where oil might otherwise collect around the critical areas or drip off.

PROTEAN F418 provides reliable protection for prolonged periods in high ambient temperatures making it perfect for use in welding plants or factories that process foodstuffs so you can be confident your expensive machinery is protected from corrosion.

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PROTEAN Silicone Release

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