PROTEAN Sugar Dissolving Fluid – 12 x 500 ml sprays

Product Code: TF8705
  • PROTEAN Sugar Dissolving Fluid is NSF-K1 registered, so it’s safe to use in non-food processing areas. It quickly and powerfully removes all types of contaminant, with no residue left! It also contains no chlorinated solvents that can leave behind bad odors or fumes. This fluid dries fast, but will stay liquid for over 4 days at temps of -20°C to +65°c without freezing! The 360 degree valve makes it easier than ever to dispense the product for easy access.
  • Our PROTEAN sugar is a green product because it needs nothing more than water in order to operate – saving you time and money in both your kitchen.


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PROTEAN Sugar Dissolving Fluid TF8705 is a food grade, FDA Approved material that eliminates sugar from your application.

Tired of dealing with stubborn sugar residue after baking? PROTEAN Sugar Dissolving Fluid is the answer to your prayers. The fluid easily breaks down simple sugars on any surface where it has been applied so you no longer have to scrub for hours.

Multiple size options allow chefs and foodies alike to purchase enough for all their needs making cleanup fast and easy, saving them both time and money in the long run! Add this product to any high end bakery or catering business as an affordable luxury that will make customers happy!

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PROTEAN Sugar Dissolving Fluid

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