PROTEAN Hi-Temp White Grease Extreme – 12 x 400 gm cartridges

Product Code: TF8204
  • Protean White Grease Extreme is NSF registered for food area use, and formulated with extreme pressure-resistant additives to withstand the wear typically experienced in industrial environments. This grease provides long term lubrication at temperatures of up to 165 degrees Celsius, resisting water while ensuring protection from dust and other contaminants. Fluctuations in temperature can cause white greases to shear or leak so Protean offers a thicker formula that resists corrosion.
  • This product is the perfect choice if you are looking for quality grease that will not contaminate or run out fast with intense pressure. Best of all, Protean White Grease Extreme, unlike many other types of white grease that are on the market today remarkably contains no animal products making it suitable for vegetarians too.


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Lubricating grease made for the toughest manufacturing environments, PROTEAN White Grease Extreme is an excellent option for lubrication around gears, fasteners, bearings and compressor shafts. This white oil cartridge proves to be quite effective in these tough conditions by providing long lasting corrosion protection that won’t quickly wear off like cheaper alternatives. Featuring what we like to call our ‘Supreme Formula’, PROTEAN provides advanced weight-independent shear stability with excellent load carrying capabilities; delivering unmatched performance in heavy duty use. TF8104 is available in 12 cartridges of 400g each – buy now!

Made of high quality food grade materials.

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PROTEAN – White Grease Extreme

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