Stoko STOKODERM GLOVE & GRIP – 1 x 1000 ml soft bottle 99027356

Product Code: 99027356
  • helps to prevent your skin from softening under gloves,
  • when working with water-based or water-mixed workplace-substances.
  • Contains EUCORIOL¬Æ skin protectant.

This version is UNSCENTED

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  • STOKO EMULSION Barrier Cream is a special skin protection emulsion against water-based or water-mixed workplace substances.
  • STOKO EMULSION Barrier Cream helps to prevent your skin from softening under gloves, makes it easier to cleanse your skin when it has been contaminated with dyestuffs and prevents the skin against mechanical stress.
  • STOKO EMULSION (UNSCENTED) Barrier Cream contains a skin protectant with astringent properties that toughen then upper skin layer, thereby reducing swelling when working in damp or wet conditions.
  • Use STOKO VARIO dispenser with this bottle

Area of Application:

  • For damp or wet conditions and light, mechanical skin stressing (e.g. from tools or glass fibre).
  • To help minimise skin softening and the decomposition of sweat when wearing personal protective equipment (e.g. protective suits, gloves, rubber boots etc).
  • To make it easier to cleanse your skin when it has been contaminated with dyestuffs, such as azo dyes, printing inks, copying inks, but also fruit and vegetable colourants.
  • STOKO EMULSION Barrier Cream is also suitable for using on the face and all over the body.

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