SWIFT-X Heavy-Duty Hard Surface Cleaner – 4 x 5 litres

Product Code: SWIFT4X5L

SWIFT-X – classic hard surface cleaner.

  • Cleaning with SWIFT-X is a breeze – it doesn’t matter what the dirt is made of. Bursting at the seams with cleaning power, you’ll be able to tackle anything from ink stains on your freshly painted wall, to cooking grease splattered all over your new marble floor.
  • SWIFT-X is ideal for the removal of fat and grease from working surfaces and floors where it is necessary. It is also perfect for cleaning any hard surface that will tolerate water – in bakeries, breweries, abattoirs, meat processing, restaurants, takeaways and cafes.

Spray it on using a pressure washer with 50 parts water to blast away anything especially stubborn for an even cleaner finish. Dilute 1 part SWIFT-X with 5 parts hot water up to 25 parts when general cleaning is needed to tackle spots quickly and easily without harming surfaces or attracting dust particles.



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  • For use in garages, railways, and aircraft – SWIFT-X is an excellent all round cleaner for cloth and PVC upholstery as well as for hard surfaces.
  • SWIFT-X is at home when cleaning machinery, floors, walls, paintwork, work surfaces, shower cubicles, etc., whether plastic, vinyl, rubber, metal or ceramic.
  • It is also effective for cleaning street furniture, road signs, street lighting bowls and reflectors, and shifts nicotine stains from interior fluorescent lighting fittings.

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SWIFT-X Superior Hard Surface Cleaner

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