TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galve Spray – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galve Spray is a professional grade, ultra bright zinc galvanizing agent in an aerosol solution. The content assists in corrosion prevention while being resistant to salt spray and weathering. The final finish has excellent heat resistance properties, making it great for tough industrial areas or residences with summer activities involving high temperature cooking or fire sources.
  • TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galve Spray can be used on previously coated surfaces thanks to its excellent adhesion and quick drying properties, giving vehicles that sought after two coat look right off the assembly line at headquarters when they are finished by our skilled technicians..
  • TYGRIS bright zinc galvanizing spray is a high-performance metal coating with an aluminium powder for long lasting corrosion prevention. The durable formula keeps your surfaces shiny and bright through it all.
  • Clear coat for metals: Works on any type of metal, colour varies from aluminium to a gold or silver metallic finish depending on the amount used. Fully embedded with rust protection agents, TYGRIS clear coat stays clearer longer. Superior handling with quick drying time, compatible with most fillers meaning there’s no need to reapply colour when resurfacing metal panels. No sanding required before applying product!
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TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galve Spray R224 protects your metalwork. This quick drying zinc protective coating is used for the cosmetic finishing of galvanized surfaces where the component has been cut or welded, thereby exposing metal to air. It prevents corrosion with its sacrificial qualities and bonded resins. The surface you are protecting can be prime quality steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium alloys up to 1mm thick in sheet form or wrought products like rivets or studs up to 15mm in diameter.

TYGRIS R224 is the perfect product for protection of before-treated metal surfaces against oxidation and corrosion. This additional surface treatment will give your aluminium, zinc, tin or iron components a bright appearance. TYGRIS is quick drying with an attractive finish that lasts for years outdoors or indoors!

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TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galve Spray

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