TYGRIS Clear Penetrating Oil – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • TYGRIS Clear Penetrating Oil is a low viscosity product that is easy to apply and works quickly, leaving your tools in great shape. It may be used for light lubrication duties as well as de-watering tasks. Simply spray the oil onto the affected area and clean off with a rag or brush when it has penetrated deep enough to do so.
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For heavy duty problem solvers, the way to get things unstuck is with TYGRIS. It works fast, it penetrates deep, reducing wear-and-tear on all parts involved. It’s a clear lubricant for oily emergencies or stubborn bolts to unscrew. Tackle engineering projects head on without worry when you have TYGRIS at your side.

Clear protective film guards against corrosion! Get this penetrating oil past any barrier and free up what needs freeing in no time flat with TYGRIS Clear Penetrating Oil.

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TYGRIS Clear Penetrating Oil

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