TYGRIS Industrial Cleaner – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • “TYGRIS Industrial Cleaner” is the most powerful, yet cost-effective way to remove contaminants from any workshop or garage. Mixed with water it quickly breaks down grease and dirt leaving surfaces clean with no residue. It’s non-chlorinated, so odours are eliminated. There’s no need for rinsing out, meaning you save time and money while enjoying a clean work environment!
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TYGRIS Industrial Cleaner R207 can remove oil and other contaminants without needing to rinse or sanitize after. The solution is designed for the workshop, garage, hobbyist, and any job that requires a fast drying cleaner.

TYGRIS Industrial Cleaner has been specifically formulated to help professionals quickly break down grease and dirt left behind from their workday without the need of further rinsing or time-intensive scrubbing later. Our formula does not leave an oily residue due to our innovative chemical formulation process which keeps surfaces clean after usage while still saving you time!

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TYGRIS Industrial Cleaner

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