TYGRIS WD Anti Rust Agent – 12 x 400 ml aerosols

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  • TYGRIS WD is a silicone free water displacing anti rust agent, ideal for use on surfaces both above and below the surface of water. It leaves behind an impenetrable shield against moisture ingress, which will ultimately minimise corrosion of components. TYGRIS WD also has waterproofing properties. For stubborn fixings or seized screws it can be poured onto the thread to quickly reduce binding, lubricating threads as it does so. Useful in most general purposes where you want to have effective protection against corrosion.
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TYGRIS WD Anti Rust Agent is a high performance water displacement spray which actively drives out moisture, even from hard-to-reach areas, leaving a fine lubricating film which protects against corrosion. This film enables easy dismantling of equipment in future. Also an effective cleaner.

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TYGRIS WD Anti-Rust Agent

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