UNIGREEN Bamboo Products are available for pre-order now for delivery in JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2020.

UniGreen Bamboo Hand Towels

UniGreen Hand Towels are a great 100% bamboo replacement for your existing paper hand towels, which are not environmentally friendly, to say the absolute least. It takes 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water to produce a ton of paper hand towels and in the US alone, 5,896,700 tons of hand towels are used annually. Guess how many trees are involved in the production of UniGreen Hand Towels? Zero. That fact alone is enough to make the switch to UniGreen, but couple that with the fantastic feel of bamboo hand towels and an attractive price, there really is no reason to wait any longer.

Available Products:

  • 1 Ply Interfold Hand Towel – Product Code: UNI-G HTI1, Product Size: 24cm x 21cm
  • 1 Ply C-Fold Hand Towel – Product Code: UNI-G HTC1, Product Size: 20cm x 23cm
  • 1 Ply Z-Fold Hand Towel – Product Code: UNI-G HTZ1, Product Size: 22.5cm x 23cm
  • 2 Ply C-Fold Hand Towel – Product Code: UNI-G HTC1_1, Product Size: 20cm x 23cm

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Available as a pack in the following quantities: Packs of 100 C-Fold, 250 Z-Fold and 250 Inter-fold

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Hand Towels

Hand Towels

C Fold 1PLY Hand Towel, C Fold 2PYL Hand Towel, Interfold 1PLY Hand Towel, Z-Fold 1PLY Hand Towel

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