CUT-COOL Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluid – 5 litre

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Synthetic Water-based General Purpose Metalworking Coolant Concentrate

  • CUT-COOL is a new, high-active blend of synthetic lubricants and inhibitors, specially formulated to provide you with the highest quality metalworking coolant that improves efficiency while keeping safety top priority.
  • With CUT-COOL in place on your machinery, your crew will get more done faster without risking any latent safety hazards that could be caused by mineral oils or water.
  • Cutting fluid that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down, so your tool life is greatly improved with significant savings in time and money while achieving superior finishes all around.
  • CUT-COOL is the way to go for those looking for synthetic cutting fluid. Guaranteed non-hazardous, CUT-COOL is also less likely than mineral oil based products to produce occupational dermatitis among your employees. Plus it’s guaranteed not to turn rancid or produce any offensive odours while in use.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or seeking an upgrade from old fashioned fluids, CUT-COOL will satisfy all of your metal work needs!


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CHANGING TO CUT-COOL: Changing to CUT-COOL from soluble or mineral oil based coolants entails first thoroughly cleaning, purging and sterilising the system to eliminate resident bacteria. This can be achieved using our SYSTEM CLEANER, which is entirely compatible with CUT-COOL and available from stock. In addition, a proper procedure for regular draining and cleaning of machine coolant systems, and coolant renewal, should be implemented. A typical renewal cycle would be 6 months.

DILUTION: CUT-COOL dilutes with up to 30 parts water for milling, counterboring, drilling, and with up to 15 parts water for broaching, hobbing, tapping, sawing and reaming. To avoid creating an invert emulsion always add CUT-COOL to water, and not water to CUT-COOL.


  • Cut-Cool Fine Metal Cutting Fluid is an industrial fluid designed specifically for the safe cutting of metals. It’s engineered to reduce abrasion and temperature build up, which in turn extends your blade life, provides better corrosion protection, reduces tool wear – giving you a lower overall metal cutting cost.
  • While conventional fluids are expensive to produce and even worse on the environment; Cut-Cool features easy recycling for low environmental impact with no toxic fumes or bleeding caused by mineral oils. Rest assured our synthetic oil will not go rancid like mineral oils and features an extended shelf life as well as effective rust inhibitors to prevent downtime and costly repairs.
  • Cut-Cool is ideal for those who work with difficult feedstocks such as stainless steel.

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CUT-COOL Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluid

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