SYSTEM CLEANER – Biocidal Cleaner for Machining Systems – 5 litre

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  • Biocidal Concentrate for machining systems is specially formulated for purging and sterilising recirculatory systems in metalworking machines. It’s entirely compatible with the products in our range of synthetic or semi-synthetic cutting fluids.
    • Machinists need to keep critical machine tool recirculation circuits clear of the rust, metal chips, and soils that accumulate during machining. SYSTEM CLEANER removes these contaminants.
    • This product cleans system components including pressure filters, heat exchangers, heaters/coolers, tanks and pumps for fluid circulation in machinery. It is biocidal which makes it easy to clean up any spills or drips on site – no worries about environmental risks!
    • SYSTEM CLEANER is added directly into the existing solution of coolant at the rate of 2-5% (depending on the degree of contamination) and is allowed to circulate.


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  • System Cleaner is a biocidal cleaner that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. It removes all traces of coolant from machining systems, and leaves them in perfect working order, ready to perform at their best for days on end.
  • System Cleaner is a biocidal cleaner for machining systems. It’s specially formulated to be compatible with coolant that can then extend the life of your machine automatically without you having to do it manually. Once you’ve drained and flushed out the system, it will get back up to normal operation in less than 48 hours without liquid lubrication being affected.

    Due to the high levels of detergent in this product, care should be taken in low-foam grinding operations, or when changing from neat oil-based products. In such cases the system should be first drained, then purged with a 1% to 2% solution of SYSTEM CLEANER before being drained again and refilled with fresh coolant.


  • The super-potent chemical formula of SYSTEM CLEANER cleans your coolant for your machining systems. It’s compatible with our Super-Cool, Cut-Cool and Grind-Cool fluids, for total protection against bacteriological and fungal contamination. And it’s made to purge efficiently and speedily, enabling you to stay ahead of bacterial build-ups without overworking your machines.
  • The vibrant nature of the product enables operators to maintain their system cleanliness while also remaining efficient in doing so – all without the need for costly downtime or replacement parts.

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SYSTEM CLEANER Biocidal Cleaner for Machines

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