Deb CUTAN Alcohol Hand Sanitizer GEL – 6 x 1 litre cartridges CAG392

Product Code: CAG392

Deb CUTAN hand sanitizing gel in a case of 6 x 1 litre refill cartridges.

Deb CUTAN Gel Hand Sanitizer is effective against yeast, moulds, bacteria and viruses.

Kills 99.999% of bacteria in seconds. Added conditioner helps prevent dryness.


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Get 1 x Deb Cutan GEL Hand Sanitizing Dispenser – 1 litre Dispenser FREE with each pack of 6 cartridges, just tick box to add.


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Deb CUTAN Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer - 1 litre PROB01SA

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  • Cutan Gel meets the requirements of EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276.
  • Skin sanitizer – specially formulated with ethanol and isopropanol.
  • Deb CUTAN Gel Hand Sanitizer contains glycerin and panthenol to minimise irritation
  • Deb CUTAN Gel Hand Sanitizer starts working at once.
  • Can be used under gloves.
  • Evaporates in approximately 30 seconds leaving the skin sanitised and pleasantly conditioned.
  • Dermatologically tested to prove it is a non-irritant.

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Weight 7 kg

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer




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