Opus RECON CREAM – 6 x 1 litre cartridges RECON1LC

Product Code: RECON1LC

Opus RECON CREAM for repairing and moisturising working hands in a case of 6 x 1 litre refill cartridges.

Opus RECON CREAM helps the hands to recover from the rigours of work and cold, wet weather, as well as exposure to water, detergents, oil, grease and industrial soils, all of which can de-fat and crack the skin, causing skin irritation.

This refill cartridge is for use only in the Opus 1 litre cartridge dispenser ref DISPWF1L.

This product is an alternative to Deb Stokolan LIGHT PURE (formerly Deb Restore) 6 x 1 litre cartridges RES1L.

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Opus HAND SANITIZER 1 litre Cartridge Dispenser DISPWF1L

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Weight 7 kg

After-Work Restore Creams


Cartridge Systems, Manual Systems

Skin Conditioning


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